BRAND's 4 Ps of Crisis Management

BRAND's 4 Ps of Crisis Management

Prepare, Plan, Prevent and Protect

Managing your reputation is not complex, it’s purely a matter of ensuring you have an instantly accessible process in place, along with the ability to activate it at a moment’s notice.

Brand equity and corporate reputation have become critical assets in supporting an orgainsation’s overall business goals and it is crucial that these are protected.

The continual emergence and rapid growth of social networks has seen a power shift from brands to consumers, who now have unprecedented freedom to express their views online. And it’s not just the external world watching your reputation plummet overnight instantly shattering confidence, your people and stakeholders will feel vulnerable too.

This seminar takes you through BRAND's four Ps of crisis management and illustrates how you can deal with the demon press at your door and demonstrate excellence in online customer service and reputation management.

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