Your BRAND is so much more than your logo, the colours you choose, or the fonts you use. Brand is not simply a marketing concept, or purely about your communications, it is very much a management issue. Your brand should be driven by your business strategy, your products and services, your culture, your people, and be powerful enough to claim your space in the marketplace.

Your brand should be confident enough to deliver your whole reputation through your active voice, your language, the stories you tell, along with the images and film that complement your message and help communicate it to the World.

So what does your brand say about you?

I can inject passion, enthusiasm and excitement into your thinking, find solutions and help you meet your challenges head on.

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...I can only describe what I got back as first class in every respect. I suppose the ultimate acid test of any service provider is 'Would I buy again?'  I have; Sally is one of my
Go-To people for advice!

Keith Jones
Angel Investor

Wearable Technology: The Implications for Recruiters?

This article originally appeared on the JobsTheWord site

While wearable technology such as devices like Google Glass could revolutionise recruitment, warning bells are beginning to ring in the ears of even the most ardent of technology believers.

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